Zipline to offer RipClear Military Grade Lens Protection film for added protection and durability.

Everyday our lives are filled with eyewear lenses and device screens and everyday there is a chance we are going to get a scratch on one of them. With the addition of Ripclear lens scratch protectors, when your product is new, you can rest at ease knowing that your original lens or screen is scratch free below the protective layer. Simply peel Ripclear away and you are back to the brand new look and clarity you love. But of course, reapply new Ripclear!

Ripclear Lens Protectors *Patented  The lens protection standard for both flat and spherical lenses. Works in all environments including wet and extreme hot/cold

Universal or Custom Shapes Fits Any Lens Apply your Rip to any lens with custom cut shapes for maximum protection. Ripclear is product-agnostic

Easy-to-Apply Thin Film with Simple Adhesive System Apply the Ripclear film in seconds so you can always be ready to charge any task or environment. We use a simple, non-permanent, low-tack adhesive.

“Invisible” Design – ANSI Z87.1 Rated Keeps your sight line scratch- and defect-free with certified military grade optical clarity and anti-fog protection

Fresh Cleaning Kits Clean and clear your lens with the proper tools! Our microfiber wet wipes and high-quality microfiber cloth come in every package