How to Cut Down Zipline Poles

Zipline poles are made with graphite which must be treated differently than cutting down traditional aluminum poles.

Please follow the following procedures:

Zipgrips are glued to the graphite shaft and the glue must be softened by heating the grips in boiling water.

    1. Bring large pot of going water to a boil. Place the grips in the boiling water.

    2 . Be assured the water level is above the bottom of the grip.

      3. Leave in boiling water for 8 – 10 minutes.

        4. Use towel to hold grip. Rubber glove helps you to grasp the shaft. Twist back and forth until the grip can be removed.

        Cutting the shaft

        1. NEVER use a vice to clamp the pole.
        2. Add masking tape to the area to be cut to prevent graphite from splintering when cut.
        3. Use sharp hacksaw to cut straight line. In order for the pole length to be the same height be assured the poles are the same length.
        4. If not the line is not cut straight you need to be assured that highest point of the cut are the same height. Use file as needed to smooth out top edge of the cut area.
        Grip Application
        1. The grip usually fits back very tight so no additional glue is needed.
        2. If there is still glue residue on the top of the grip then put the top of the shaft in the boiling water for 10 seconds to soften the glue.
        3. Align the grip.
        4. Press down by hand then press on the floor and/or tap the ground to press to the end of the grip.
        5. If the grip is loose still you can apply Gorilla Glue and re-apply the grip.