Zipline Carbon 1.40 Freestyle Mogul Ski

$ 399.99 $ 525.00

Zipline Carbon 1.40 Freestyle Mogul Ski 

At Zipline we innovate with purpose. There is a market for young skiers who want to get into mogul skiing and other brands are not offering a 140 cm. length ski or one that cost almost 2X our price Zipline is excited to help younger skiers and parents be able to have access to high-quality mogul skis for the junior athlete. 

We are only using the highest quality materials as used by the best brands from Europe and Japan. Check our specs to compare to others.

Look for longer sizes in the seasons to come.

Model:  Zipline Carbon 1.40 - 140cm

Tip/waist/tail:    96/69/84

Radius: 16.7 mm

Camber height:  5 mm.

Tip height:  47 mm.

Tail height:  20mm.

Core:  Poplar Wood

Base:   PTex 1100

Top finish: PA ICP 8210

Edges: Waelzholz steel edges 1.9 mm 

Vibration Dampening : Japanese Rubber Fibers

Reinforcement:  Carbon all the way from tip to tail.



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Jen S.
Freestyle Comps

We have the 140 Ziplines for our younger athlete and LOVE the flexibility and durability of this ski.