Zipline XT Goggles - Grey Lens + Gold Finish

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 Xt Goggles

 Zipline XT features RipClear lens protection film for hours of clear vision on the mountain. Combined with our Italian made inner lens for perfect clarity. The new cylindrical lens offers a panoramic view and the XT (Extra Terrestrial) shield look provides not only a cool look but a massive field of vision. With 7 strategically placed magnets, with increased strength over previous models, switching lenses is easy yet allows you the security of smashing through the bumps or floating in powder. See why athletes like Canada Ski Team athletes like  Kerrian Chunlaud & Simon Limeuix have switched.  



Bottom Line

"The Zipline XT packs an incredible feature set into an affordable package. With quality construction, good lens performance, decent lens selection, and one of the easiest lens-swap systems on the market, the budget-minded consumer should definitely keep the XT on their short list."

Lens Swapping

Sam: In a couple words: stupid easy.....  the Zipline XT’s frame and lens are lined with a series of extremely strong magnets that hold the lens to the frame. You can take the lens off simply by grabbing the edges and pulling. Putting a new lens on is even easier, as the magnets self-align the lens to the frame. I can literally throw the lens at my face and get it to install on the frame.

One thing that’s unique about the XT lenses is that they come with what Zipline calls, a Rip Clear protective coating. This is basically a stick-on, clear, plastic protective layer. If the lens is scratched, you can remove the Rip Clear layer and, along with it, the scratches — similar to windshield tear-offs used in Nascar, or a protective screen cover for your phone.


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Robert Reid
XT Goggle Rocks

Excellent clarity. Better fit over nose . Lens was exelent in full sun and overcast flat light conditions.

Martin Audet

Very Nice Google!
The protection case is greath
Fast delivery!!!