Zipline Hex 16.0 Carbon Weave Ski Poles

$ 129.99 $ 200.00

  • HEXAGON TRIAX WEAVE GRAPHITE TECHNOLOGY – The newest in graphite technology is our weave of carbon graphite fibers that creates a lighter weight and stronger construction than our other round construction graphite poles.
  • STIFF 16.0mm HEXAGON SKI POLE – The unique hexagon shape created a pole that is 10% stronger than round graphite poles. This construction allows for an ultralight swing weight and increased vibration dampening
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SMALL BASKET: New lightweight disk basket and integrated tip design help make every pole plant quicker and easier
  • “ZIP TOUCH” DUAL DENSITY GRIP - Our signature “trigger finger” ZipGrip is built with thermoplastic (TPU) and contours to your hand, preventing your gloves from slipping. Velcro Straps are easily adjustable on the fly
  • CARBIDE TIP - Tough and sharp carbide Zip Tip with teeth allows for precise pole plants and secured grip in any condition.
  • THERE IS NO OTHER BASKET OPTION ON THIS POLE - The only basket that wil work is the one that comes with the pole. 

Customer Reviews

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Very nice poles

A couple of years ago I purchased a pair of ZipLine Loli-Pop graphite composite poles. I really liked them (and still do)...fairly stiff and a lot lighter that my old aluminum ones. I had seen these Hex 16.0 Carbon weave polies last year...and when I saw them recently 'on sale' I thought I'd treat myself to a pair. They just arrived this morning just as I was leaving for the ski hill. Couldn't I opened up the box. They were well packaged. First thing I noticed is that I didn't have to monkey around with the straps to get them ready for the 'right' and 'left' sides...the straps already had the proper 'twist' for each side - AND were marked "L" and "R". Great idea!. I got in maybe a dozen runs. The poles are slightly lighter than the graphite composite ones, but they feel somewhat stiffer which I liked. Also the balance seems to be very good. I also like the hand grips...and the Velcro adjustment for the straps. This will make any 'adjustment' much easier when I have to forego my gloves for fingerless 'mitts' when the temps plummet. Thus far, I'm glad I purchased them. Hope to use them a lot more for the rest of the ski season.

Erik Borgen
Excellent po;es

It’s all true, light weight great grips, excellent swing weight

Nice poles. I like them a lot.

Bought these for myself recently when they went on sale and used them last week. I like them a lot. They are lighter than my other composite poles, but are stiff and easy to swing. It seems that they only come with the small disk baskets and are not compatible with ZipLine’s powder baskets, but skiing mostly in the Northeast, that’s not much of an issue. If you are looking to upgrade, these are worth checking out.

John D
Great poles and even better looking

These are awesome lightweight poles that are actually stiff. Coming from older/thinner composite poles they aren’t actually much lighter, but they are way stiffer! Make my old poles look like wet noodles. The hex shape is pretty unique and the poles are very good looking. Love the hex carbon weave. These poles are definitely a splurge, but I feel they’re something that’ll last me a long time considering I’ve had my last poles for 15 yrs already.